Monday, July 28, 2003


Protesters train to stop Red Hill

Hamilton Spectator, Monday, July 28, 2003

Red Hill Expressway opponents have begun training to block bulldozers for construction they believe may begin as early as Aug. 5.

Protesters from several environmental organizations have formed Showstoppers to mount what they call a non-violent defence of the valley.

The group met Saturday at McMaster University to co-ordinate rallies, street dances, symbolic plantings and civil disobedience.

Andrew Loucks, one of the group's organizers, said they took their name from a comment from Councillor Larry Di Ianni who recently said the road would be built unless there was some kind of showstopper.

Showstoppers brought in Matthew Behrens, a Toronto activist with a group called Homes Not Bombs, to provide advice on civil disobedience.

"We do everything from what your legal rights are as protesters to how to maintain non-violent discipline, looking at how to protect your body in a confrontational situation, how to make it impossible for opponents to use violence," he said.

He said the protesters are committed to principles of nonviolence, no use of drugs or alcohol, making decisions by consensus and being open to everyone, including opponents.

"The group is giving a sense of wholeness to those who wish to act in defence of the valley," Loucks said.

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