Saturday, October 2, 2010

gendered forms of resistance

"the contexts and forms of women’s resistance often differ quite markedly from those of most men. They often depend less on work-related or formally structured organizations and more on local networks of friends, family, associates, or co-workers. Much more so than men’s, women’s protests tend to be of the direct action sort, functioning as much to mobilize and raise the consciousness of participants as to influence those in power....Formally structured organizations, particularly those constructed along hierarchical lines such as union organizations and political parties, are defined as political. More loosely structured and non hierarchically organized ‘spontaneous’ forms of protest such as food riots, rent strikes, peace demonstrations, and public shaming – the predominant forms that much female activism has taken – are often dismissed as suggests a denial of the legitimacy of organizations structured differently from the norm: the truly political is the formally structured; temporary organization is not deserving of that title."

Martha Ackelsberg, FREE WOMEN OF SPAIN  

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